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E-Books are the need of the hour in the modern world of Information and Communication Technology. More often, authors are constrained to compromise on the contents and quality of books in order to restrict their size to meet expenditure and price them suitably to enable the readers to purchase. For E-Books, these constraints do not operate because of the unlimited space available in the various devises and gadgets for their storage and retrieval. In our country, valuable manuscripts of ancient times and even recent times have been lost to the posterity because of the perishable nature of the material in which they are written and the non-availability of space to conserve them. For our country, it is high time that we shift to electronic mode in our publications so that knowledge will be available in public domain for use by one and all. : 2013
(An Institution to Promote Environment Friendly Electronic Publications)
About us
We, through this website endeavour to promote E-publications of scientific, technical, literary, philosophical and current subjects. E-publications have a wide public reach. The publications are cost effective for readers and users of the publications. More than anything, E-publications are environmentally conducive, restricting the use of paper which demands felling of trees and bamboos for its manufacture. Electronic devises are being employed increasingly to protect, save and store ever increasing information contained in millions of books released every year which cannot be stored physically, but could be saved and retained for posterity by electronic means and digitization. May be, this venture could be as user friendly as author friendly. There are several potential authors who could not realize their dream of publishing their works and creations for want of publishers and the unaffordable cost involved.

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Tamil Nadu is one of the progressive states of India and is said to be one of the model states worthy of emulation by other states.
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